CCSWE App Manager Pro License

CCSWE App Manager Pro License

Cory Charlton


9 February 2017
4.0 and up
Varies with device
CCSWE App Manager was designed for users who want to hide icons for applications they do not use without uninstalling the entire application. This is useful for applications like Google Maps that include multiple icons. You can also hide icons for stock system applications which will allow you to continue to receive system updates while saving space in your application drawer.

** NOTE: This is a license only. You will still need to download "CCSWE App Manager", to use the application **

** NOTE: You must have root access in order to use CCSWE App Manager **

Contact if you have any issues (we cannot provide any assistance with rooting your device). We are more than happy to offer any help we can but cannot do anything if you simply give us a low rating instead of contacting us.


- Clear data for any application (including system applications)
- Hide (disable) application icons without uninstalling the application
- Freeze (disable) applications (Pro version only)
- Uninstall any application (including system applications)

Frequently asked questions:

- Why does CCSWE App Manager require root access?

Unfortunately the Android security model does not make it possible for one application to enable/disable components for another application. This makes sense for standard applications because you wouldn't want a competing application to be able to disable yours (ie: install MySpace and it disables Facebook). That is why CCSWE App Manager requires root permissions in order to achieve this.

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 9 total

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What's New
    - Fixed a potential crash on Android 4.x devices
    - Fixed a startup crash on devices w/o Google Play Services
    - Fixed a crash on Android 7.1+ devices
    - Minor bug fixes
    - Fixed an issue where rotating the device while executing multiple operations could cause them to stop running
    - Minor bug fixes

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SeaStorm Hurricane Tracker

SeaStorm Hurricane Tracker

Poignant Projects


15 June 2015
2.2 and up
Varies with device
SeaStorm allows you to keep track of tropical storm and hurricane activity in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific basins. Get quick access to what you need to stay informed during hurricane season! Features include:

• Quick overview of active hurricanes, tropical storms, depressions, and other cyclones
• Per-storm advisory & discussion text from the experts at the National Hurricane Center*
• Forecast cones (5-day uncertainty track), wind speed probability, storm surge maps (when available), and GOES Floater satellite imagery
• Background notifications of new and upgraded storms
• Multiple types of regional summary maps and satellite loops to choose from (full list below)
• Tap on any map to view full screen, with pinch-to-zoom, drag, and scroll support, even during loop playback!
• Optional Forecast Model Viewer Add-On: View forecast models (also known as spaghetti models) for active systems on an interactive map complete with panning, zooming, and individual model point information when tapped. Features selectable models, start time, and run length.** (See for more information on forecast models)

Basic Maps (Atlantic & Eastern Pacific)
• Regional Overview
• Regional Outlook

Marine Maps (Atlantic)
• Sea Surface Temperature (SST) (Daily Analysis w/ Loop Playback, 7-Day Analysis, & SST Anomaly)
• Tropical Surface Analysis (Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, & SW North Atlantic)
• Significant Wave Height Analysis
• Tropical Cyclone Danger (Mariners' 1-2-3 Rule)
• High Wind and Associated Seas
• Wind/Wave Forecasts (24, 36, 48, & 72 hour)
• Surface Forecasts (24, 48, & 72 hour)
• Peak Wave Period/Primary Swell Direction (48 & 72 hour)
• GFS Pressure Change Analysis

Marine Maps (Eastern Pacific)
• Sea Surface Temperature (SST) (Daily Analysis w/ Loop Playback, 7-Day Analysis, & SST Anomaly)
• Tropical Surface Analysis
• Significant Wave Height Analysis
• Tropical Cyclone Danger (Mariners' 1-2-3 Rule)
• High Wind and Associated Seas
• Wind/Wave Forecasts (24, 48, & 72 hour)
• Surface Forecasts (24, 48, & 72 hour)
• Peak Wave Period/Primary Swell Direction (48 & 72 hour)
• GFS Pressure Change Analysis

GOES Maps (Atlantic - Loop Playback Supported)
• Caribbean
• Central Atlantic
• East Atlantic
• East Coast
• Gulf of Mexico
• North Atlantic
• Northeast Atlantic
• Northwest Atlantic
• West Atlantic
• Wide View Atlantic

GOES Maps (Eastern Pacific - Loop Playback Supported)
• Central Pacific
• East Pacific
• Eastern East Pacific
• Hawaii
• Northeast Pacific
• Northwest Pacific
• West Central Pacific
• West Coast
• West Pacific
• Wide View East & Central Pacific
• Wide View West Pacific

GOES Map Types (Atlantic & Eastern Pacific)
• Visible
• Shortwave
• Water Vapor
• Infrared (AVN, Dvorak, JSL, RGB, Funktop, Rainbow)
• Selectable Lat/Long display for all maps

* Poignant Projects is not affiliated with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) or the NHC (National Hurricane Center)

** Forecast models can be CPU & memory intensive. The viewer will run on older devices, but newer devices will provide a better experience.

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 339 total

App Screenshots

What's New
    - Material UI
    - Swipe to refresh
    - Copy text to clipboard
    - Model Viewer enhancements, including label markers
    - Minimum required OS now Android 2.2
    - Too many other under-the-hood changes to fit here
    New in 2.0.4:
    - Bugfixes

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MediaHouse-Pro UPnP/DLNA

MediaHouse-Pro UPnP/DLNA

Diwakar Bhatia

Video Players-Editors

10 February 2017
2.3 and up
Varies with device
MediaHouse Forum:!forum/mediahouse-upnp-dlna-app
MediaHouse Info:

Stream music, videos, movies and pictures from PC, NAS or any other device running UPnP/DLNA compliant media server. MediaHouse Pro powers your device i.e. phone, tablets or google TVs with the following capabilities:

1. Automatic scan of your home network over Ethernet or Wifi to identify PC, NAS or any other device running UPnP/DLNA media server.
2. Shows capabilities of the scanned servers by dividing them into two categories, one from which you can serve content i.e. called Play From and others to which you can play that content i.e. called Play To.
3. Use MediaHouse Pro as a browser, player or controller.
4. MediaHouse Pro can control playback of content from a Media Server (called - Play From) to a Media renderer (called - Play To).
5. Movies - Spice up your movie libraries with posters, backdrops, actors and more information gathered from online sources such as TMDb.
6. Favorites - Save several level deep albums and folders from one or multiple media servers and get direct one click access to their content.
7. Play lists - add, delete, rename music play lists. Last played audio tracks are automatically saved.
8. Search your big server libraries for albums, artists, video, images by their title.
9. Download - albums, folders and individual media items to your device for offline play.
10. Random play - discover hidden gems in your library by letting app select music for you.
11. Built in music player with options to seek, pause, play, loop, shuffle and repeat.
12. Build in photo viewer with slideshow option.
13. Image Colors are picked from album art or photos to beautify now playing and photo view screens.
14. Time saver folder options like search audio and play or search images and arrange them in a slideshow.
15. Remembers your server selection and uses it in subsequent runs.
16. Video play in NOT BUILT IN and MediaHouse uses other applications installed on your device. We recommend installing MXPlayer or BSPlayer, Moboplayer etc... They have support for many HD video file formats.
17. Support for Landscape mode
18. Displays album art and album thumb nails
19. Further Tips are available via menu option

THIS APP DOES NOT CLAIM TO BE DLNA CERTIFIED. Check However, here is a brief list of what our users are using today with MediaHouse.

UPnp/DLNA Servers
1. TwonkyMedia server
2. Windows Media Player 12
3. TVersity
4. Serviio
6. PS3 Media Server
7. MediaMonkey 4.0 
8. Synology DSM 3.1
9. MediaTomb
10. MiniDLNA
11. PURE Flowserver

UPnP/DLNA Players
1. Windows Media Player 12 (Has good audio and video support)
2. Sony Network Media Players (Good audio but limited support on video playback).
3. And of course your phone or tablet works as always.

Tags : Movies, Music, Photos, Videos, TV shows, movie browser, music player, network player, media center, video player, Boxee, XBMC, Plex, MediaPortal.

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 1,500 total

App Screenshots

What's New
    - New Material design, color scheme and application layout.
    - Navigation Menu for quick access to top items
    - Improved Expanded Notifications with album Artwork
    - Play, Pause, go Next or to previous track from Notification (Lollipop onwards)
    - Improved Movie search by adding name filter
    - New 24 target compilation using Android Studio / Gradle

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Kopi Tiam - Cooking Asia!

Kopi Tiam - Cooking Asia!

Afzainizam Zahari


14 October 2015
2.3.3 and up
Varies with device
Experience managing a coffee shop Asian style! Learn about and also have fun serving many interesting and eager customers that come to your restaurant by preparing dishes like:

1) Egg and onion prata, Paper (tissue) prata
2) Kopi-O, Kopi-susu, teh-O, teh-susu, and many other drinks!
3) dim sum
4) Hainanese Chicken rice and roasted chicken rice
5) Satay!
6) Nasi Lemak Ayam goreng or Ikan goreng
7)Mee rebus, mee soto ayam
All these and more!

Kopi Tiam is the first Android time-management game featuring popular local dishes from Singapore, Malaysia and some say Indonesia!

Serve your way through more than 60 fun levels across 3 districts in Singapore: Little India in Serangoon Road, ChinaTown in downtown Singapore and Malay Village at Geylang Serai! Or you can also visit these local districts in Singapore yourself by taking a ride on the ubiquitous SBS transit buses or the convenient SMRT or LRT trains!

If you love being a manager and manage your own food empire this is the game for you! Learn how to cook South-east Asian food, manage customers and manage your profits! As you progress through the game you will be an expert at management and speed will come naturally. It's all about strategy!

Watch the game trailer:

visit Kopi Tiam's Official webpage:

I will continually update this game to add more dishes, challenging VIPs and more levels!
For updates on Kopi Tiam the game, visit Kopi Tiam's Facebook Page:

Don't miss out on the fun!

And for nostalgia's sake, here's Kopi-O!

Google Play Rating

 448 total

App Screenshots

What's New
    Here's what is new in this update! --> Game will be displayed within an "envelop" for screen sizes that are not 4:3 ratio. Also fixed the android back button.

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