Photo Roulette Widget PRO

Photo Roulette Widget PRO

VicMan LLC


9 April 2015
2.2 and up
Varies with device
Welcome the PRO version of Photo Roulette Widget - a fun little app that brings surprising photo effects on your home screen every minute of the day!

We bet you have lots of photos on your phone. Now is the time to have fun with them! Photo Roulette Widget PRO presents you with a fancy photo montage with your photo almost each time you look on your phone screen! Just select a photo you want to have fun with (you can change the source photo at any moment), and the app will present you with a fun photo collage, a beautiful photo effect, or a face montage every minute of your day!

Just imagine your photo placed on a magazine cover, or turned into a watercolor painting, or placed on a night billboard! Each time your photo will be integrated into a new scene, or edited with a fancy filter. What photo effect will you get next? You never know! There's one thing we know for sure - you are in for a great surprise!

There are several categories of effects to be applied to your photos. You can include all the categories, or leave out the ones you don't like.

Here are the categories of effects:

* Default
Imagine your photo placed on a foreign banknote or on a bestseller book cover, presented as graffiti on a street wall or edited with a fancy filter. Your picture can also be easily turned into an antique oil painting or a charcoal drawing. And what about being placed next to a celebrity like Jackie Chan, Lady Gaga or Keira Knightley? You are going to love these startup effects!

* For men 
Let your boyhood dreams come true! Turn miraculously into a soldier, a gangster or a cover boy for the Men's Health magazine (the app uses a smart face detection algorithm for these effects like those you find in photo funia). You can also find your photo airbrushed on an exclusive car or admired by Angelina Jolie or Nicole Kidman ;)

* For women
Girls and ladies, it's your turn! All kind or romantic and cute stuff you love is here! Effects with hearts, flowers and butterflies, romantic frames, sweet vintage collages, and more. You will also be happy to find that you have become the cover girl for the Cosmo or Glamour magazine! 'Face detection' effects are also included into this category: they can turn you into a beautiful Hawaiian girl or a myrtle tree fairy.

* For kids
All kinds of cute effects and frames for kids photos. Everything you'd choose yourself is here: sweet frames with toys, teddy bears, kittens, dogs and birds are waiting.

* Art
Effects for artistic minds. A collection of selected techniques of sketches, paintings and drawings.

*Photo Filters
Fancy touch-ups that will make any picture look cool. Retro or modern, in different color scheme or with a touch of lilac haze - with those filters applied you won't recognize your photo.

Features available in the Pro version only:

* Only 1 minute delay before you get the next effect. Get ready to have fun every minute of your day!

* Even more cool effects in each category. More effects mean more fun!

* Ad and watermark free

Photo Roulette Widget PRO requires Internet connection to create effects and collages. Results are saved in the history list; you can specify how many recent pictures you want to be saved. Sharing is really easy, so be sure to show these fun creations to your friends: email them to a friend or share instantly to a social network like Twitter, Facebook or Goolge+. We bet they'll be amazed!
Photo Roulette Widget PRO is a game you can't lose. Just start using it and you will never want to quit!

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 120 total

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What's New
    A bunch of new templates + two new groups of effects!

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Screenshot and Draw

Screenshot and Draw

We Dream Media


3 July 2013
2.2 and up
Varies with device
Best "Screenshot" App on the market GUARANTEED. 100% Money back if you're not satisfied!

**Special Promotion JUST $.99!! Buy now before it goes back to $2.99!**

Screenshot and Draw is designed to give you more of what you want, for less! We offer multi-shot mode which allows you to screen capture multiple images and merge them together! This is useful for capturing your entire background, SMS conversation, or even games!

*****IF YOUR PHONE IS NOT ROOTED YOU MUST INSTALL A FILE to give permission for the app to work. More info below*****

*****If your phone does not have an SD card slot it will not work. If you are unsure please try the trial app*****

With Screenshot and Draw you can take a screen shot, draw something on it, share it, and even merge multiple screenshots together to show off all of your cool apps! We provide you with more features than “screenshot ux” and “screenshot it” and we do it for a lot less money!

Screenshot and Draw not only works for rooted phones but it works for non-rooted phones as well. If your phone is not rooted then simply download a small batch file, run it on your computer, and you’re in business! Taking a screen capture is not only a fun way to show your friends what you have on your phone but it is also a great business tool. Many Developers have agreed that Screenshot and Draw provides them with the features they need to get the job done.

Screen capture your Android device the easy way.

-Screenshot from statusbar
-Shake to screenshot
-On screen camera button to screen shot
-Merge Photos (up to 5) – May be less depending on phones capabilities
-Draw on photos – Yes, even draw over you 5 screen merge of your entire phone!
-Crop, text over screen capture, share, email, post on facebook or other social media
-Choose custom save location

You can even screen capture your favorite games such as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. Set the multi-shot interval to 0 seconds to get action shots of your games. You can even merge these screenshots together and get an image of the action.

Screenshot and Draw was produces by Condition Delta apps and we stand behind all of our products. If you experience a bug in our app please report it to and we will have it fixed as soon as possible. If you’re not satisfied we don’t want your money so we’re offering a full refund for any reason.
Capture your screen with Screenshot and Draw and get the features you’ve been waiting for!

If you’re phone or tablet is not rooted you will need to visit and download the Windows or Linux zip file.

Or get them directly from these links:



Once downloaded, follow these steps:

Turn on Debug Mode on your Phone or Tablet (Settings > Applications > Development > Check USB debugging

Connect your device to your PC

Run Run.bat (Windows) or (Linux)

Once the batch file has been successfully you will be able to use the app to take screenshots until you restart your phone. Once your phone has been reset you will need to run the batch file once again.

If you experience any issues merging multiple screenshots together you can either make sure "Show Hint" is not checked or increase the interval to 3 seconds or more.

Screenshot and Draw the best way to screen capture your android!

**I cannot reply to comments so please send me an email with any questions or comments.**
If you are not satisfied please send me you purchase info in an email and I will refund your money!

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 33 total

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What's New
    ***Fixed more bugs. New update 25 March***
    Fixed a few bugs with rooted devices.
    Show new display if phone is not rooted
    Check for SD card before letting app attempt screenshot
    added use of drawing and editing tools for ICS screenshot
    Fixed nullpointer error
    Fixed memory lock-up error caused by Merge exceeding phones memory capacity

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Starfield 3D 2 Live Wallpaper

Starfield 3D 2 Live Wallpaper

We Like CAPS


8 January 2016
2.2 and up
Varies with device
The best Live Wallpaper - a stunning 3D starfield. Double-tap to engage warp engines!

**Now with Android Wear Watchface support!**

More than 2 MILLION free copies of the original Starfield 3D have been downloaded. THANK YOU !

I've finally ported the wallpaper to newer OpenGL ES 2.0 phones, now with moving background and color rainbow effect on passing stars. If you want to support me (I'm just one guy who really likes to code :), please buy this version 2.0 of the wallpaper.

Also check out my other hugely popular Live Wallpaper:
Seeds of Life -

Google Play Rating

 824 total

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What's New
    Added Android Wear Watchface!
    Added Google Now Launcher (also known as GEL) fix to center the stars on the LEFTMOST screen. Available in settings.
    Added Daydream function for Android 4.2. Use it in phone Settings->Display->Daydream.
    After user complaints :/ removed icon from app drawer. You can still launch the help activity through the OPEN button in the Play store app
    * Added an activity for new users that helps them set up the Live Wallpaper

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Further Beyond Fighting

Further Beyond Fighting

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