School Assistant

School Assistant

Gil Castro


6 March 2018
4.0.3 and up
7 M
Oh no! Your phone is ringing in the middle of the class!
Even worse! You forgot this important assignment! 😱

School Assistant will make your school life easier and help you plan your life.
Your new classmate fits in your pocket and is fully customizable, growing every month with new features and possibilities so that it works just right for you.

See the right information when you need it
Open the app to see your day and upcoming tasks at a glance. Get notifications so you don't forget your assignments. Use widgets to see what you're looking for without even opening the app.

Don't worry, if you're at a class or in a presentation your phone will mute automatically.

Fully customizable
Made to work everywhere in the world, School Assistant lets you change many details so that it works right for you.

Better control of your grades and attendance
Tap your classes to learn what's changing your final grade and check your attendance.

If you are satisfied with School Assistant, you should try School Assistant + which offers the following advantages:
• Main screen customization
• Unlimited class and evaluation types
• Google Calendar sync (one way)
• Google Drive sync
• Multi-user support
• Custom icons
• Use emojis as icons
• App access protection (fingerprint support)
• Extra widgets
• No ads
• Many more features coming soon

Google Play Rating

 10,862 total

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What's New
    • Final grade calculation groups
    • New weighted final grade calculation options: best/worst grade and last evaluation
    • Evaluations can be easily postponed when associated classes are canceled
    • Persistent notifications
    • Links now can also be added to classes, evaluations and the side bar
    • Class lasting longer? You can set the app to keep your phone muted for longer, just tap the class and then the time
    • UI improvements
    • Bug fixes

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