BAND - Organize your groups

BAND - Organize your groups

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8 February 2018
4.2 and up
Are you fed up with sending dozens of emails and SMS when your group needs to make a decision and then still having to call people who don't respond? Tired of messages getting mixed up in your group chat room whenever you try to collect opinions? BAND can help you end this tiresome cycle of disorganized communication.


Effective group communication is easier said than done, but it gets way better if you have a separate and secure place dedicated to your group where all members can stay connected. Everything needed for group communication is in BAND. Plus, it's completely free for everyone, regardless of the size of the group!

Key Features
· Posts and comments: One topic and related comments only! No more distractions while discussing things. You can even search and find past topics with everyone's comments attached.
· Notice: Set important posts as a notice. Then, you can even check who viewed it and who didn't.
· Shared Calendar and RSVP: Share group events with all the group members and send RSVPs to check who’s coming.
· Poll: Fast and easy way to gather opinions from everyone.
· File sharing: No more massive emails for sharing files. Just share them on your group Band.
· Photo albums/Group Chats/Group Calling: Elementary, my dear Watson!
· Easy member management: BAND provides a private space where only the ones you invite can access. If needed, you can promptly withdraw members. It's also possible to assign co-leaders to manage your group better.
· Privacy: No need to share or expose personal information. (e.g. phone number, personal SNS account, email address, etc)
· Access your group on any device including your phone, tablet, or laptop by going to

Concerned about BAND’s service security?
BAND has acquired the SOC 2 and 3 Certificates for its Privacy Protection and the ISO/IEC27001 Certificate for its outstanding information security management system. Please click on the link for further details.

BAND is BEST for
-Sports teams
-Hobby groups
-Family or Friends
-Event planners
-Project teams
-Teachers and students
-Little league parents
-Game clans
-..... and any group in need of efficient communication

Better communication builds great teams. And we hope BAND can help you build the greatest team.

Email: [email protected]

Google Play Rating

 253,318 total

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What's New
    You can get new post alerts via email
    -Turn on email notifications
    and select Bands to get alerts!
    Keep your entire group updated!
    Admins can now Add ‘subscribers’
    - Subscribers can receive email/SMS alerts before joining Band
    Band event widgets are here!
    -Add the widget to your home screen
    -Can show all or selected Band events
    Sort your albums!
    -Once you choose the sorting order,
    your settings will be saved.

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