Fairy Kingdom: World of Magic

Fairy Kingdom: World of Magic

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24 January 2018
4.0.3 and up
51.5 M
Fairy Kingdom is about magic, city building and farming. It is a beautiful story of tender love and never ending devotion of a young Prince to his Princess.

Dive into the world of the magnificent medieval times and rule your own Kingdom! Build farms and mills, workshops and artisan shops, smithies and alchemic labs, dwellings for a multitude of magic creatures and many other buildings. Meet magic characters, explore this mysterious world with them, and expand your lands!
Build a Kingdom of your dreams! The Royal Throne is waiting for you, Your Majesty!

Fairy Kingdom features:
* Build a settlement and decorate your Kingdom;
* Restore your enchanted Castle to its former grandeur;
* Fight the Evil Witch and save the Princess;
* Become a master of various trades, expert city builder and experienced farmer;
* Collect all of the cute magical creatures that live in your lands;
* Hold archeological missions and find rare treasures and ancient artifacts;
* Unveil true wonders of the world that have been hidden for centuries!

Fairy Kingdom is a free game, but you can purchase some of the game’s elements, if you wish.

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We are very happy that you chose our game and would love to answer any of your questions or hear suggestions.
Feel free to email us at [email protected]

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What's New
    Winter update is waiting for you in the Kingdom!
    - Enjoy the snowfall and play snowballs with the citizens;
    - Create a Snow Army and complete a new achievement;
    - Recreate ancient runes and help the Oracle find new friends.
    Stories will become available over the next 2 weeks.
    Happy playing!
    Now you can read our news and talk to us in our Telegram channel: t.me/FairyKingdom

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