Foodpia Tycoon

Foodpia Tycoon



26 June 2017
3.0 and up
34.20 M
Honorable boss, welcome to Foodpia!
Run 10 kinds of unique restaurants to earn money and expand the business!

▣ Start your business and make money!
Run restaurants and collect profits periodically to increase the levels of your businesses. Choose the most efficient investments and level up to maximize profits. Once you start, you will be addicted soon! This is the best time waster!

▣ Open Foodpia in 21 beautiful cities!
Travel to 21 famous cities all over the world as you open new branches and earn your fame. The more fame you have, the more your profits will increase.

▣ Expand the business to transform into a better look!
Expand your restaurants through steady level ups. With automatic profit collection and profit increase, the appearances of your restaurants will grow more glamorous!

▣ Recruit chefs who would work only for you!
Hire chefs with excellent workmanship and great personalities. These chefs will increase your restaurants’ revenues and levels!

▣ Collect and complete secret recipes!
Collect pieces of recipes hidden in the Lucky Boxes and complete recipes to make delicious food. The recipes will speed up your restaurants and decrease costs!

▣ The business still goes on even when you exit the game!
No need to keep the game on all day. Even when the boss is out, Foodpia does not stop. When you return, profits will be settled for you. Incremental game system applied! It's world best convenient tycoon game! Enjoy the fun of the idle game!

▣ Enjoy the Party Time!
With regular visits from a guitarist, you can enjoy the Party Time! Party Time allows you to earn gold by tapping on the screen. Enjoy the fun of the clicker game! tap tap device and be riches!

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 17,035 total

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What's New
    -- New Updates! (ver 1.2.7)
    1. New recipes: 30 food recipes
    - Collect delicious recipes to increase your speed and reduce your level-up costs!
    2. New Feature: Chef Auto Select Function on Exploration
    - If you activate the function, The chef with the highest score is automatically selected when you explore the city.
    3. New Pack: Daily Ticket Pack
    - If you buy it, You get 2 Skip tickets per day forever!
    4. New Pack: Double Box Pack
    - If you buy it, You get lucky boxes double when you get it.

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