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Planet of Heroes - MOBA PVP meets Brawler Action B.V.


24 January 2018
4.4 and up
145.28 M
Welcome to the MOBA Arena: Watch over the lane towers, engage the jungle monsters, then CRUSH the opponents!

Planet of Heroes is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, short MOBA, which combines the best elements of RPG and RTS: Exciting champions like paladins and assassins looking for glory (or die in vain), a map with tactical objectives, teamplay for the best strategies and loads of action to become legends in the weekly league!

Join in the non-stop brawling world which provides quite some different take on the MOBA Genre - from a different, beautiful art and graphics style, to the single lane and double jungle setup with boss monsters that differs a lot in pace of the traditional 5v5 games, Planet of Heroes and its team believes that mobile games have evolved to faster action, less farming, fairness in free to play games and a true potential to become a real-time eSports titan among mobile games.

Join us as we re-define MOBA into Must-have Online Battle Action, show your valor and score that ace!

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What's New
    Winter is here! The arena's covered in snow for the first time as well – and there are some hidden surprises to look for!
    Share your joy! The all-new lobby chat and expanded battle phrases improve communication with teammates in the heat of the battle, and makes it easier to find friends!
    The time of men has come to an end! And we welcome the newest hero – a stalwart ROBOT that excels in combat initiation and locking down enemies. Beep Boop, destroy your enemies!

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