Paint My Cat: Color and Play with Little Kitten

Paint My Cat: Color and Play

Nanu Interactive Inc.


26 January 2018
4.1 and up
72.1 M
Hello there Kitty lovers and welcome to the cutest 3D coloring game app on the market! Paint My Cat is here for you to embrace and express your cat love!
Start painting kittens and things on the screen just like old coloring game books and watch them become real!

"In the cluttered app store, Paint My Cat is unique and executed in a really clever and fun fashion.”
– Newest Top Pick of

🏆 Paint My Cat has featured on both App Store and Google Play! Also selected for the Apple's 12 days of Christmas campaign! 🏆

Paint My Cat is the cutest 3D coloring app on the Google Play now and it's a brand new way to use your phone or tablet with completely unique experience! Start coloring your kitty and his playthings, bring them to life in the world around you!

It's almost feels like a real cat that you'd love and hug! Funniest playthings that you can make your cat wear with lots of accessories. After painting or coloring your cat and his things, start playing with your colored pet. If you love your kitty and enjoy cat games, download Paint My Cat now!

Are you a cat person that looking for a cat simulator on your mobile device? Paint My Cat is your new best friend and your cat simulator!

Color your cat with the extensive painting palette on the app and as you paint on screen, the magic wand charges until full power and you can wave it to trigger a magic which transforms your picture and painting from 2D into a cool 3D character!

Once you create your cat, start playing with him in his virtual play room. You can stroke your cat, tickle your kitty or dress your kitten with special accessories that you can customize from his closet. You can also unlock other rooms with more things to do!

You can have your own painted virtual cat and pet him like a real cat! Make him wear cool sunglasses that you can paint, or wear cute hats while walking around! Paint My Cat is the wonderful cat simulator for you!

If you like to draw cute things or enjoy coloring books you will love Paint My Cat! This app is fun for all ages! If you love cats and a cat person, you will enjoy coloring kittens!


🎨 Paint kittens with the extensive 80 colors palette
🖌️ Color cats with the 3 different brush sizes
🖼️ Beautiful illustrations and artwork
🐈 Realistic 3D physics and cat simulator animations
😹 Stunning visual effects for your painted cats
🐱‍👓 Customize your cat's appearance with cool kitten hats and kitty accesories
🏠 Almost open world experience with interacting objects in the virtual rooms
😻 Interact with your virtual cat, poke your cat or tickle your kitten to see a reaction
👀 You can develop or improve your hand&eye coordination
💡 You can develop or improve your motor skills
🐾 Simple and cute coloring game and it's kid friendly!
😸 Funny cat sounds
❤️ Auto progression save when you leave the app
🎮 If you want to start painting your cat again, you can erase the progression aswell
✏️ Fun 3D coloring book experience

You can learn colors by coloring kittens or just enjoy the game. You can completely create your own unique cute cat or cool looking kitty. Although drawing is not part of the app, you can learn how to draw a cat aswell! Painting cats on this cat simulator game is super easy. You can use 3 different brush sizes to create your own 3D virtual cat on app and start playing with him. Watch him walk around, tickle your cat if you like or just pet him like a real cat and watch his reactions with the cutest cat sounds!

Note: We love getting feedback and hearing stories about kids using our apps (although we hear more than we expected from parents, and even more again from grandparents!) Use the feedback button in the app or tell us what you would like us to do next at

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What's New
    *** The original magical 3D Coloring Book. Number one overall in multiple countries worldwide***
    Hi Everyone! We are bringing you beautiful new 3D creations to color in the weeks to come.
    Your feedback is really important to us. Please keep telling us what you want.
    This version we also fixed a crash after painting town characters. We're sorry for any inconvenience that caused.
    Happy Coloring!
    The Paint My Cat Team.

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