Ping - GPS, Safety & Emergency Alerts

Ping - GPS, Safety & Emergency Alerts

Ping X Inc.


25 February 2018
4.0.3 and up
30.11 M
Ping is a free social app that makes everyday life safer and more fun. Whether you are in your neighborhood or traveling the world, Ping allows you to find and keep in touch with your friends or family and notifies you of any emergencies or dangers nearby. Provide assistance for emergencies in your vicinity, get away from dangerous events, or request help when in need. Get alerted if your friends and family are in danger areas or if checked in safe.

Ping utilizes the concept of a connected society and social alerting, combines all necessary features into a super user-friendly interface with a real-time map as the central point, where you can easily create a post, called a “ping”, which can warn people about dangers, alert others that you are in emergency, provide relevant local information or just for fun. You can locate your friends and family or meet someone new, nearby or anywhere else in the world, chat, follow and interact with them, even receive notifications immediately when they post new pings.

When you're in a new area, you can easily look for others' recent or past pings, which can help you find the best places to visit and explore.

Ping Main Features:
• Share information about nearby emergencies and dangers - or get alerted yourself
• Request help if in need
• Find locations of friends and family - and share your location with them
• Automatically check in when at locations (like at home) and let selected people know
• Meet new people nearby or anywhere in the world and "follow" them
• Send and receive direct messages
• Filter map content
• Get notified when someone creates a new ping
• Create pings, accompanied with text, image or video
• It's 100% FREE

Ping is a revolutionary social app which strives to keep you well-informed about your surroundings - anywhere and anytime.

Discover the world, have fun and most-importantly, stay safe!

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What's New
    Automated location check-in improved and enhanced.
    Manual check-in for public and trusted contacts.
    Notifications upgrade.
    Help mode upgrade.
    Danger alerts notification improved.
    Major bugs and stability fixes.

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