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Swoo - Live Video

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19 January 2018
4.4 and up
18.42 M
Swoo is an easy way to experience anything happening across the world via live videos. These are broadcast by influencers, celebrities and experts - giving you a peek into the lives of your idols, motivating, inspiring, educating and entertaining you!


Here's a quick rundown of the features Swoo has:
Categorized Channels: Choose from a wide variety of categories, including entertainment, sports, health and many others to start viewing content that matters to you.

Verified Broadcasters: To maintain the authenticity of Swoo's live content, users need either an account verification or referral from a friend to be upgraded from a viewer to a broadcaster. This is one of our efforts to ensure viewers have a fantastic viewing experience.

Share Everywhere: Broadcasters can share their Swoo stories to their website and social media pages to increase their reach further.

Live Notification: Swoo's push notifications ensure that you never miss live broadcasts of those you follow.

Watch Later: You can always choose to watch stories from your favorite broadcasters later if you are pressed for time when they are live broadcasting.

Group Broadcasts: This one's crazy! Broadcasters can invite up to three other broadcasters to do a live split-screen discussion or broadcast together. Followers of all these broadcasters can view and interact with these group broadcasts. Easiest way for influencers and brands to increase their audience.

Real-time interactions: Respond to live stories in real-time to let the broadcasters know your reaction - clap, like or chat.

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What's New
    ** Snappy New Features **
    Introducing Shows: Now you can create, edit, and link your own shows with numerous episodes to multiple places and locations as you go anywhere in the world! You've got to see it to believe it.
    Introducing Social Log In: Now you can sign in to SWOO via FB, Google, Twitter etc. easy isn’t it?
    Wait, it’s not over yet!

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