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7 February 2018
4.4 and up
89.43 M
Where are we? Momo Friends have arrived at a special world!
It’s the world of Momo Pop, a 6-direction match-3 puzzle game

Successfully clear the missions given by Momo Friends, and help them adapt to the world of Momo Pop
You can find fascinating Story Levels, various spaceships, bonus maps, and more in Momo Pop!

6 Attractive Features of Momo Pop♥
• Move blocks around in 6 directions!
 Move blocks around in various directions and match 3 or more blocks of the same kind

•Help Momo Friends through various missions
 Complete missions given by Momo Friends and successfully clear levels!

•Immerse yourself in the fascinating stories of Momo Friends in the Story Levels
 Watch the fascinating stories and receive special rewards

•Ride spaceships with special abilities!
 Each spaceship has a special ability
 Find spaceships specifically helpful to you and your play style

•And travel various planets with Momo
 Clear 15 levels to move on to the next planet
 What kind of journey will await us in the next planet?

•When you’re tired from the journey, experience healing by viewing the twinkling stars in the bonus map
 You move to the planet when you press on the star
 When all 15 levels for the planet are cleared, the star twinkles
 You will receive a special reward when all stars are twinkling
 Press [▶] to see the stars move along with fun music

* Momo Pop can be played for free, but some in-game items require payment to purchase.
* Payment usage may be disabled by turning off in-app purchase use in the device’s settings.
* Momo Pop can be played offline, but progression can only be saved online.
* Data may be used when playing Momo Pop offline.

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What's New
    What's New
    - 32 new levels in 2 new planets
    : 30 normal levels and 2 bonus levels
    - Planet 1 renewal
    : New animated story cutscenes and revamped levels
    - 2 new spaceships and 1 new spaceship collection
    - 2 new languages
    : Indonesian and Thai
    - Improved overall UI/UX design
    - Fixed minor bugs

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