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26 January 2018
4.1 and up
86.3 M
Build a bustling city and discover your Dragon-Master destiny in Dragon Pals! Master the 7 elements as you collect an army of lushly animated 3D dragons, and hatch a new generation of legendary dragons by breeding your favorites together! With an endless variety of elemental combinations to find, there's never been a better time to start uncovering the mysteries of Dragon Island. Put your 3-dragon team to the test in a rich variety of single-player modes, and prove your dragon training mastery in global PvP!


COLLECT POWERFUL DRAGONS: Discover, rescue, and earn an incredible variety of richly detailed 3D dragons, each with up to 4 unique skills and elemental properties!

BREED NEW DRAGONS: Combine elements to discover new and powerful dragon eggs, then hatch them to complete your collection!

UNLOCK SYNERGIES: Earn permanent bonuses for your dragons by collecting themed sets!

BUILD YOUR CITY: Make Dragon Island yours by building habitats, temples, and more – and expand your settlement by clearing away the forest!

STRENGTHEN YOUR DRAGONS: Keep your dragons happy by feeding them fresh fruit, strengthen their Skills with Training, and unlock their true potential with Ascension!

CONQUER TEAM BATTLES: Lead your dragons to victory in exciting 3v3 battles across a variety of single player and PvP modes – and master the power of the elements to inflict maximum damage!

When you visit the world of Dragon Pals, there's always something new to discover – from new dragons to awesome events. Claim your dragon eggs and start your journey today!

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What's New
    1. New Arena mode: the Tournament!
    2. You can now replay your defense videos in the Arena!
    3. Added Runes
    4. Shrines are available in the Guild Shop
    5. Added an Elite mode
    6. The packs you can buy have been improved
    7. New event: the Pagoda.

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