Baby Panda's Help

Baby Panda's Help

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31 January 2018
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There are animals in the forest who love to help others. Do you want to know who they are?
They like helping others and have individual outstanding skills.
Monkey, the good tree climber; Mole, the good digger; Puppy is good at detecting smells, and Little Bird is a dentist.
Let’s go on an adventure in the forest through 【Baby Panda's help】 and meet up with these kind animals.

The most popular game, Adventure in the Forest:
1. Dirty Hippo is uncomfortable with his teeth and back. We need dentist Little Bird's help!
2. Move Little Bird and clean off the germs and plaque inside Hippo’s mouth. Brush Hippo’s yellow, dirty teeth squeaky clean.
3. Uh-oh! Hippo has too many annoying little bugs on his back. Wipe the bugs off and apply ointment on his back to make him feel better.
4. Urgent! Little Birds fell down from the nest and cannot fly back home.
5. Make a basket with tree branches and leaves. Let the monkey carry the birds and help them go home.
6. Grandma Turtle is sick and Grandson Turtle couldn’t find the needed medicinal herbs.
7. Puppy’s sensitive nose can help Turtle. Let's help Puppy find the herbs!
8. Help! Puppy has dropped his keys inside a hole. How can he get it back? Don’t worry! The best digger, Mole, can help!
9. Move the mole and dig the maze to find the keys! More surprises are inside the maze besides the key. Let’s go!
10. Monkey has to pick plenty of fruits. He needs your help!
11. Move Colt to collect the falling fruits and sort them out!

1. Children can learn the social skill of helping others.
2. Children can develop their problem-solving abilities.
3. Children can have a good mastery of the forest animals and their abilities.
4. The game is simple and easy, making it perfect for kids.

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