Blocky Cars - Online Shooting Game

Blocky Cars - Online Shooting Game

Fahrenheit Lab


24 February 2018
6.0 and up
What will we get if a car and gun, wars and pixel online games will be mixed up? Blocky Cars Online! It’s an FPS online game with a lot of fun - in one shooter. Check extremely fast speed at the rally track and try online shooting games, where you can build a car, put minigun or huge turret on it and begin epic battle against your enemies worldwide. One of the best gun games with 8 game modes including Cooperative mode, Deathmatch games, Team Deathmatch games, Capture the flag mode and other Human battle modes, on wheels and on foot.

Try to survive in free online game with fun pixel 3d graphics:
💥Collect blocks, craft fast racing cars or huge war machines!
💥Racing wheels, turbines, miniguns, sniper guns, turrets, space cars, m16, battle armor for your hero – we have it all in our weaponry to build tank for online wars or fast car for racing games!
💥30+ pixel guns and turrets, 90+ block for crafting and 12 maps, where each pixel arena is a masterpiece: we have cities, countryside, old ruins, dune landscapes and even other planet!
💥Develop your own tactics, form a brigade and combat against your enemies at the hardest battlefields!
💥Modern FPS mode: players can get out of their war machines and fight each other, which put an online wars experience to a new level!

Feel free to join gun games worldwide or local and defeat your rivals on every pixel arena we have. How many pixel online games let you to craft your own tank and customize your hero? In Blocky Cars Online you just need to use skin editor and choose any modern armor!
Choose your road in the Blocky Cars online game universe! Try fast racing or epic battles in block city, craft mini cars or build giant war machines and drive them in various game locations to kill the enemies and win. One of the best free online games in many countries! Unleash the ultimate shooter experience on your device - download Blocky Cars Online now and don't miss new updates!
More blocks - More pixel races - More run and gun gameplay!
Fast shooting cars, epic pixel wars and aggressive war robots – all in one of the best free pixel online multiplayer games.

Main Features:
🔧Up to 8 players in the same map in the multiplayer online shooter mode!
🔧Choose your skin and make it’s best edition!
🔧12 different maps - block city, winter mountain village, dune, moon and other pixel adventures are crafted in 3d for you!
🔧Racing, Deathmatch games, Team Deathmatch games, CTF and other modes - customize your shooting cars and take on different challenges!

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Meet us on the pixel battlefield!

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 256,473 total

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What's New
    Bugs have been fixed, overall performance improvement!
    💥New winter set of blocks is already in the game!
    Collect all Winter Walkers clan blocks and feel yourself invincible!

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