L.O.L Pets and Dolls Surprise Opening Eggs

L.O.L Pets and Dolls Surprise Opening Eggs

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19 January 2018
4.1 and up
27.8 M
lol Pets is a free to play simulator for lol toy eggs with pets and dolls. Open as many eggs as you want, store petshop your achievements and share it with friends. This simulator free even from inside, you do not have to pay for lol pets eggs you are going to open. This game is a perfect way to train yourself with toy pets and dolls before having real pets.

Do you know about such cute thing like dolls lol toy eggs with pets? Anyway, our new simulator would tell you about it. LOL Pets Eggs Dolls is a simulator of opening dolls lol toy eggs with pets. You can find a best friend in these eggs, the most loyal creature in the world- dog. How many dolls and dogs you will gain, or which stickers are you going to find.

Lol Pets Eggs Dolls is a brand new game in which your children will experience some awesomeness ! you can find glitter and big lol sisters baby dolls, also bag balls and eggs. Play with the lol dolls and babies as much as you want !. all queen babies Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle are included on your beautifull game lol dolls.

This game for Lol Pets will help you choose the best real pets to start playing. Download this game Lol Pets Simulator in your android phone and be a lol pet pro player it! Do you think that you will be able to getting over it? Getting Over It with Dennett Boddy! so you can open as much toy eggs as you want. All earned cat pets and items are saved in your toy store petshop eggs. Simulator stores all your petshop dolls, cats and things to care them.

Lol Pets Eggs is the best app to entertain young kids and is the ultimate virtual egg simulator. If you have kids who like to open eggs, this is the perfect app for them.

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