Multi Iron Crocodile Robot VS Futuristic Robots

Multi Iron Crocodile Robot VS Futuristic Robots

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26 January 2018
4.0 and up
Varies with device
Welcome to the new world of technology where you find futuristic changes of a super hero in to an animal like thing in Multi Iron Crocodile Robot VS Futuristic Robots. This is not assured that this Iron Hero who transform is because of a wrong experiment or by intention but in result a monster crocodile robot in result. Your rival is also a modern technology beast a Super Robots who going to fight with your multi crocodile iron hero.

When you fights with these brutes gangster robots with the help of your super power in this multi iron crocodile robot vs futuristic robots simulator. You have option to fight with your multi Iron hero or you can also change into dangerous Crocodile robot. These new robot fights are going to happen in your city so be very conscious of them. These futuristic robot battle is very dangerous for survival of mankind so try to go as far as possible from these places where these monster robots going to fight against each other. So quickly find a safe hiding place and get out of this robot fighting simulation.

Game Play:

Multi Iron Crocodile Robot vs Futuristic Robots is action robot league with a very interesting game play where you find monster robot fighting with one another in this futuristic robot simulation game. You find all the thrill and excitement by controlling these new era robots because all their moves and destruction is done by you. First you fight with the small gangster robots but your ultimate rival is super robot villain who also in wait for the amaze to fight with you. There is near an island where you have to fight with some evil robots then again back to your city. Your multi iron hero can fly but your crocodile robot also have ability to go through the water that your need in some level of the game that really help you. Also some rooftop robot fight happen in this futuristic robot game. Some other powers are laser with both hand and mouth also help you to downfall your rival. You can fight with dangerous futuristic robots with the help of laser attack, flying powers and transform feature made this fighting simulator unique.

Multi Iron Crocodile Robot vs Futuristic Robots Features:

• Play as Multi Iron Hero as well as Crocodile robot
• Full of action and thrill game play
• Amazing 3D island and city environment
• Addictive gameplay and smooth game controls
• Use your power special power like laser to fight with rival
• Futuristic robots are ready to destroy the Grand City

This futuristic robot fight war game is really for action and robot game lovers, who have craze of controlling these modern machines weapons. You find this game truly addictive and with this you go to the fantasy world of robot and you want in some future time these things really happen in your real world also. You can fight with evil robots and beat them with the help of your fighting attack in this Multi Iron Crocodile Robot vs Futuristic Robots game.

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