Rome Craft: Exploration Adventure in Roman Empire

Rome Craft: Exploration Adventure in Roman Empire

Fat Lion Games: Crafting & Building Adventure


19 January 2018
4.1 and up
62.3 M
Ave Caesar! Citizens of the city of Rome salutes you! Enter the time travel machine and become an ancient empire builder! Play Rome Craft and start your crafting & building exploration adventure as an emperor of the ancient Rome!

Rome wasn't built in a day?
Even for the masters of ancient craft it was impossible to build a city of Rome in a day, but it’s absolutely possible in Rome Craft! Ancient land placed on the seven hills awaits for a master ancient city builder, who’s capable of crafting & building the Roman Empire in a new way! Use blocks to build aqueducts, Forum Romanum and famous Roman buildings like Pantheon! Build an empire admired by the whole world - from ancient Greek to Egypt Empire!

Endless exploration adventure!
Crafting & building isn’t the only feature of Rome Craft. While you’re tired of building from blocks another part of the ancient Rome, you can go on an exploration adventure to admire the ancient craft - a Roman jewels like Colosseum, where you watch gladiator heroes fighting against other gladiators or… a fat lion! Give yourself some time to explore the whole city of ancient Rome, because Rome Craft offers much more than your typical empire builder games - an adventure game like no other!

Live like a Roman Emperor!
Not many adventure games lets you battle challenges as an emperor of ancient Rome. Let the people of Rome cheers on your sight in Colosseum and decide the fate of fallen gladiator heroes! See thc chariot race and chat about it with other Romans - maybe you can even find a love of your life. Meet legionnaires from Roman army, who are always ready to battle for your ancient empire, but thank gods in the Pantheon, the finest example of ancient craft, that war of Rome has ended some time ago. Of course your Roman reigns may put Rome at war once more, but this is another story…

🏛️ Ancient empire builder - crafting & building an ancient Rome from blocks!
🏛️ Visit the jewels of ancient craft - endless exploration adventure!
🏛️ Live like a emperor of ancient Roman Empire! Enjoy your visit in Colosseum!
🏛️ Go out in the streets. See the life of citizens of ancient empire!
🏛️ Hundreds of blocks to build from. Feel like one of the Roman gods!

Rome Craft isn’t one of these Rome games, which put you in the shoes of commander of Roman army. Here you have a total experience that makes you a true Roman emperor. Hit the DOWNLOAD button and start the legendary journey in one of the best of crafting & building games FOR FREE of 2018 and enjoy your exploration adventure in the city of ancient Rome. Craft your own legend!

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