Tutoring: Private English lesson

Tutoring: Private English lesson

TUTORING - 무료 첫수업 무료 eBook 교재


30 January 2018
4.3 and up
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Tutoring, awards winning application for online language private lessons!

Tutoring provides a space for tutors and students to meet instantly and have a lesson whenever and anywhere.
Simply log in and find your tutor and learn to speak your dream language with thousands of topic cards!

Tutoring's patented technologies will give you the best and effective learning experience for your unique life style.
(ondemand tutoring method, tutor management, and telecommunication technology)

5 Reasons to speak with Tutoring

(1) Have a lesson whenever and wherever you want
Start a lesson whenever you want with tutors waiting for you 24/7.
Make a habit with ondemand mobile speaking lessons.
Learn how to use what native speakers really say!

(2) Gain confidence by speaking with native speakers
Do you get nervous even with a presence of a native speaker?
With Tutoring's topic cards in your screen, you can talk with native speakers while having fun!
Our innovative study method is 3 times more effective than conventional phone English lessons

(3) Topics for your unique interests
Do you suddenly become mute when talking with a native speaker?
Talk about various topics and find yourself speaking nonstop.
Curriculums: business, interview, travel, airport, TOEIC Speaking, OPIc, TOEFL

(4) Right price for great lessons
We offer affordable and reasonable prices for great learning experiences with tutors from all over the world.
1/3 price of private lessons, 1/2 price of phone English

(5) Special care for your own learning pace
Get constant feedback for better pronunciation and grammar with voice and chatting.
Talk to your tutor even after lessons. Give it a try for free now!

With Tutoring's awesome tutors, test and practice English you learned from other e-learning services like Duolingo.
We promise you to provide the best result and learning experience that other similar services (Cambly and Ziktalk) cannot promise to offer with our exclusively designed and created topic cards and usability.

Have a free trial lesson now and speak the language you've always wanted to speak well.

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