Vampire Princess: The New Girl at School

Vampire Princess: The New Girl at School

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19 January 2018
4.1 and up
65.0 M
I’m Rebecca and I am a vampire princess. I do not want to continue my endless and boring life at vampire kingdom. So I sneaked out of the castle to be part of the human world. Then again, I can’t survive in the sunlight, so I looked for a witch to help. The witch gave me a magic stone that allows me to walk in the sun.

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Product Features:
Finally, I took the magic stone from witch.
- Use the real tools to make a beautiful necklace with the magic stone
- Mixing the magic lotion and cast the magic spell to the necklace
- Done it! I can walk under the sunshine with this magic necklace
Now, I enrolled in a human high school. I have to hide my vampire characteristics
-Change a normal high school hairstyle
-Hide the vampire veins
-Have a normal high school makeover
What does a normal human girl wear? I
-Tons of teenage fashion outfits for selection
-Top, skirt, dresses, shoes etc. which is your style?
Met the new guy on the first school day
-Have the first sports class with the new friend
-New friend invites you to the music room, is there something particular?
You want to know more about what will happen between them! Come on and join us to Vampire Princess...

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