Volume Booster & Equalizer

Volume Booster & Equalizer

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24 January 2018
4.0.3 and up
8.0 M
Volume booster for android
Volume Booster with inbuilt very good music player feature. Now boost your
music volume of your cellular phone 30%-40% by it. Its amplifie your audio and provides higher sound raise.
You are able to eaisly modifie audio by using 5 Music group Equalizer with Bass
and treble impact.
Amplifier very good music player dj has pursuing features.
* Visualizer offers amazing turn to your phone.
* 9 presets Impact with Volume Booster
* Bass Booster, Virtualizer and Balance Control
* Music amplifier audio booster with 5 group Equalizer
* SongList with duplicate shuffle.
* Headphone volume booster and Presenter of phone vehicle boost sound.
** Volume Audio Booster increases results with Headphone and Bluetooth Headset.

Music Volume EQ
is a volume slider with live music stereo system led VU meter, and five strap Equalizer, with Bass Booster and 3D Virtualizer results.
Modify and amplify sensible quality with built-in equalizer, and get live aesthetic music readings of your present music level.
Use with Bluetooth earphones for best results.
? Multimedia volume control
? Five music group music equalizer
? Bass boost result - presenter booster
? Virtualizer effect
? 9 equalizer presets
? Save custom presets
? Stereo system led VU meter
? Home display widget
? Lock advertising volume
? Loudness enhancer - Volume increase amplifier (Limited to Google android version 4.4 and higher)
? Bass booster for headphones
? Amplifier for headphones
? Sound equalizer
? Music amplifier
? Music visualization
? Equalizer audio booster
? Circular music defeat bars
? Audible audio spectrum
Works together with most music and video recording players.
Installation and use:
? Put headphones
? Start the very good music player and play your music
? Open up Music Volume EQ and adapt audio level and regularity.
? To save lots of custom preset press Save Preset on the list and type preset name. To erase preset, long press presets name and delete.
? To close the application form and remove from Position Pub long press software power button.

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