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8 February 2018
2.3.3 and up
83.81 M
The massive strategy war game "Z Max", is a masterpiece! Survive during the apocalypse! Zombies attack! Get lv 10 townhouse when you start playing now! Defence helicopters, and top-tier heroes gifted when you sign in!

The story takes place in 2049, leakage of nuclear power plants results in a large number of human beings being subject to nuclear radiation, turning them into walking dead - humanity has never withstood such an unprecedented challenge!
At the same time, humans are competing for limited water resources and fighting each other, the Earth has become a bloody killing field!
This world has no order at all, whoever has weapons in hand controls the resources, you can dominate this world! Do you want to take up this challenge?

A Traditional SLG game mode with even more strategic campaigns and development aspects. Not only can you develop territory for the development of armaments, you can also make helicopters and late-stage chariots. In addition to traditional siege fighting, the game has also added competitive exercises, Fury Road, fortress battles and oasis battles as well as other war games. You will get to know players from all over the world and participate in social games such as Alliance Gathering and Cultivation Base.

Gameplay and Functions
**Real-time Translation System**
Break the barriers of language communication, and support real-time translation of all languages in chatting.

**Fly a helicopter**
Experience the piloting of helicopters, the pleasure of annihilating a zombie town.

**Global Competition**
Zombie towns, the four major resource fortresses, global players scramble for the "Doomsday Fortress."

**World Rank**
Castle level caps will gradually open, creating a more fair game environment.

**Alliance Interaction**
Expand your alliance territory and kill the Alliance Boss.
Collect resources with partners for additional higher yields

**War Supplies**
Raise your castle level to gain soldiers directly.
When losses in battle are too great, trigger war reinforcements and receive large amounts of assistance for free.

**Casual PVP**
Play with global players anytime, anywhere for honor ranking.
Arena fighting will not cause any loss of troops.

**Recruit Heroes**
With the growth of legendary heroes, greatly enhance the combat capabilities of the troops.

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What's New
    V1.0.5 update notice
    1. Added advanced war fighter eye snake and Apache, version V1.0.5 and above is required
    2. New chariot phantom chariot and glory chariot
    3. Raise the fury road reward

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