Horsecraft: Apocalyptic Life

Horsecraft: Apocalyptic Life

Studio of Games by SARLO


8 March 2018
2.3 and up
43.7 M
★★★★★ Welcome to Horsecraft! ★★★★★

Lonely Islands, Great Mountains, Deserts, Deserted Cities. Explore the ruins in the jungle or search for large caves. Build a portal and teleport yourself directly to the devil. Thats Horsecraft!

Are you looking for adventures? Want to ride a horse through the prairie into the sunset? Or do you want to be able to do magic? Maybe you want to build a farm? All this and much more can be found in our new game Horsecraft.

There are wolves, cats, horses, rabbits, cows, pigs, sheep and much more.
Find gold, diamonds, stones, raw materials, wood and make whatever you want, for example Strong Ax, Deadly Sword, Lightning-fast Bow, or build something beautiful, e.g. A house, a farm, a village, or even a city.

There is much to discover and explore. It becomes particularly interesting in survival mode, where you are on your own and should create everything yourself.

Let's go. Have a lot of fun. And please do not forget to leave a Comment. Because I'm happy about your opinion and want to hear from you what you like about my game and what I could possibly improve.

In addition, I would like to ask you, if you naturally have a desire to translate the description of the game to your own language without errors and send me this to my email. That would be a big help for me. Many Thanks!!!

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 14,545 total

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What's New
    Version: 1.2.HC.0.1
    ➤ Brazilian Language added
    ➤ Shadow and Wind optimized
    ➤ Menu Buttons changed
    ➤ Cow and Sheep form and textures changed
    ➤ Intern Update
    ➤ Many Bugs fixed and Performance for lower phones optimized
    ❤❤❤Thank you for playing my game. Get comfortable with my game and if you want to help me then leave a good rating with the comment. Thank you all.❤❤❤

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