Signature Stamper: Auto Add Text on Camera Photos

Signature Stamper: Auto Add Text on Camera Photos

Auto Stamper


7 March 2018
4.1 and up
15.8 M
Auto Add a Text or Words Phrases on the Photos seized by your Built-in Smartphone Camera as a Signature Stamp and Markup all of those cherished Memories forever.

◇ You can pick and choose Font Styles, Font Formats, Font Position and Font Colors Alternative as per your Requirements!

Signature Stamp on Photo is an all-in-one Stamping app with some amazing functionalities that includes,

✎ Expansive Font Formats
➺ Set of stunning font formats to make your picture stand out from the crowd.

✎ Alterable Stamp Position
➺ Set the text on photo stamp position according to your preference.

✎ Adjustable Signature Tag Size
➺ Changeable words tag size to blend the signature word stamp with your picture.

✎ Color Palette to Choose From
➺ Wide range of colors to match with your image background.

✎ Editable Signature Stamp
➺ Whether it’s for personal use or commercial all you have to do is to edit the tag and add a signature!

All concluded, you just need to capture pictures normally with your Built-in Camera and we’ll get your customized words on photos automagically :)

🎁 Reasons to Choose us,

✌ Only App to Add a Text on Photo using Inbuilt Smartphone Camera
✌ Endless Functionalities to Customize your Signature Words Captions
✌ Invented, Developed and Managed by Auto Stamper™ (No.1 Stamping App)

👉 With enough reasons to choose us let's have a look at the real-time use of Signature Text Stamp and how you can get the most out from it.

✔ Maintaining Authorship
With the Signature caption, never lose your authorship in the vast sea of internet. Simply add a text on Photo before sharing your work online and maintain its integrity.

Ease of Inbuilt camera functionality makes this process very straightforward.

✔ Securing Photographs
Nowadays photographs shared online are prone to counterfeiting and duplication and for the same, it is necessary to have a protective shield on it.

With words on image as your copyright signature, you can easily secure all your photographs and protect them from any misuse.

✔ Photographers
Mobile photography in on the rise because of their capable cameras. Photographers always carry their phones making it perfect for candid photography opportunity.

With the help of Signature Caption on Image, you can keep capturing photos and we will keep adding words to those pictures.

✔ Freelancers
Freelancers are always on a hunt to gain online authority from their work making Signature Text Stamp on image app a must have for them.

✔ Marketing on Social Media
Social Media provides immense opportunity if you want do marketing of your work, for this it is essential to get your brand noticed by people.

Add custom words tag of your brand or company on your promotional banners with the comfort of this app to create brand awareness and grow your business.

✔ Legislative Use
Signature plays an important role in the world of authentication. It a sign of trust. Easily mark all your important documents with custom words and text just by clicking pictures.

⌚ How to Use this App?

1) Open the Application
2) Edit Signature Words Stamp
3) Alter Signature Text Size
4) Adjust Text Position
5) Choose from Fascinating Font Formats
6) Tweak Text Colors
7) Open you Inbuilt Camera and Start Capturing

✨ Signature Stamp on Photos sums up all the features and functionality you wished from a stamping app in a single package. So without stressing your mind download the application now and markup all your photographs with text and words easily!

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