Simple - make it easy

Simple - make it easy

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7 March 2018
4.1 and up
Varies with device
No matter where you are banking, from now on you can use Simple's mobile payment with any bankcard!
-Digitize your OTP issued MasterCard or Maestro bankcard to any of your NFC capable devices and pay with one touch in the store: this is mobile payment!
-Mobile payment for everyone: create your own Simple card in the application, top it up from any bankcard and use the contactless mobile payment function!

What can You do with the Simple app besides mobile payment:
- Purchase e-vignettes from anywhere or pay for your parking
- Get your tickets to the cinema, to concerts, the theatre, to a festival or other events
- Order food or pay cashless for your drink at a vending machine
- Get a taxi in Budapest or order your books
- Store your loyalty cards, top-up the OTP Egészségpénztár balance

Our partners are: Cinema City, Budapest Park, Bookline, Főtaxi, Budapest Film, MiMozink,, Jegymester, Ma este Színház!

You can pay for the services in the application with any MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron or American Express bank card.

Mobile payment: you can easily digitalize your OTP MasterCard or Maestro bank card on any device that has NFC capabilities and it runs an Android 4.4 or higher operating system.

What kind of services and functions does the Simple application offer:
- Parking: Start and track your parking easily and remotely using the GPS-based system without a text message or change. The application helps you to locate the zone that you are in, so you can easily start your parking even from the car. You can pay with any of your credit or debit cards, so there will be no additional cost for the text message. Would you like to issue an invoice for the company? No problem, just ask for it.
You can use the mobile parking service in any public parking zone nationwide. Add the license plate for your car, your family’s car or your company’s car in advance so you can start your parking right away.
Find out more about our parking service on our website: discounts related to our parking service please visit the „Simple Parkolás” Facebook page:

- e-Vignette: There is no need to look for a place to buy your e-Vignettes from. With the Simple application you can do this from anywhere, anytime. Regional and nationwide e-Vignettes are also available in the Simple app! You can pay for your e-Vignettes with any of your credit or debit cards, so there will be no extra charge for the text message.
Find out more about our highway vignette purchase service on our website: discounts related to our parking service please visit the „Simple Highway vignette” Facebook page:

- Food orders: Check out the menu from wherever you are and order food from 300 restaurants nationwide. Order food cashless with your mobile!
The food order is just one of our many services!

- Cinema: Browse the list of available movies even on the tram and purchase your virtual ticket through your mobile. At the entrance just show your virtual ticket on your mobile. This way you don’t have to get in line and there is no need to print your ticket.

- Tickets: Theatre, concert or a sports event? Choose from hundreds of events and buy your ticket with your mobile from anywhere, anytime. You can even find last minute theatre tickets for half price as well!

- Főtaxi: One-click taxi order in Budapest with the Simple app. You can track the arrival of the car and pay with your mobile.

- Vending: Purchase food and drink from the vending machines without change or you can pay for the parking in garages as well.

- Loyalty cards: Store your loyalty cards virtually within the Simple app, so they will be always there when you need them.

- Party: Check out the best parties nearby with your mobile and the GPS-based system!

- Coupon: We regularly surprise our loyal users with coupons and discounts.

Our customer service is available 24/7!

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